The kittens arrived with Nana on Sunday Sept 18th….

The obligatory cute kitten pictures to document the new additions to the household…

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Since both Jeff and I were working from here on Friday we decided to pick up Victoria together and head over to the park. It was a bit overcast at first but still a nice spring day to go for a walk. Next time I’ll remember not to wear my sandals. Gravel paths and sandals do not mix.

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Victoria will always complain about having to go to her swim lessons on Wednesday evening. However, Miss Sarah is very good at mixing it up and giving her new things to learn and try. Lately she’s been showing Victoria lifeguard drills.

Victoria has been practicing with the lifeguard float. You should have seen her face the first time Miss Sarah yanked her backwards. It was so funny to see Victoria frantically stroking forward and still going backwards. :)

The YMCA is updating their pools. The new Martin pool has a lazy river and slides. Miss Sarah has been having her swim different strokes against the current in the lazy river. A good way to build up some more strength and endurance.

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Call it scrap therapy. I work in pictures and layouts. And, that’s how I’ve worked through Victoria’s new allergy. So you get the benefit of lots of new pictures in the last month or so. Now if only I could get the Christmas pictures done and in a book.

I kept Victoria home on Wednesday because of all the appointments we had to keep. We were going to see the Allergist and then get her blood drawn. We needed to stop in to the Pediatrician’s to get forms signed for the epi pens and we needed another prescription for an epi pen.

That weekend was for resting, relaxing, and just re-adjusting…

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So, it’s been an eventful week or so. Not everyone gets to return to school after an extended break to tell a story like this.

DD (dear daughter) started her spring break last week on Wednesday. We, including Nana, made it down to the zoo for the afternoon. It was a beautiful day.

Zoo Pictures

Easter was a little on the scary side. DD ended up in the ER after dinner.

Back to school and all better now.

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Time to do an update… snow layouts!

What to do while the blizzard rages outside…

Once the blizzard passes… digging out or digging in!

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Well, so much for being on vacation. I got paged multiple times starting around 2am today. When I got the pages for my production servers, I hauled myself out of bed and logged into the work computer. Turns out we had a major incident going on that affected one of our major data centers. So, I basically joined most of my colleagues both the ones on call and the ones not. And, we spent the night on a Global Command Center bridge call. I was working up until 6:30am. At that point, I figured I’d wait until either Jeff or Victoria was awake before taking myself off to bed to get some sleep.

Jeff and Victoria had breakfast in the hotel room, puttered around, then headed off to play some miniature golf. Victoria took them off to the Temple of Dragons mini golf course. Jeff drove them up to the course on 23rd street. They played a round of golf before heading back to the hotel to see if I was awake. Victoria came in just as I was grabbing some coffee and a granola bar on the balcony. She complainted that there wasn’t any Fanta in the vending machine at the miniature golf course for after they got done.

We sat down to have some lunch before deciding to drive down to the Pier and check out the arcades for the afternoon. I heated up the leftover Dough Roller pizza for Victoria and gave her a combination of grape tomatoes and blueberries to eat. Jeff went over to Subway next door to grab us sandwiches.

Victoria caught a glimpes of some of the rides at the Jolly Roger on the Pier. She exclaimed that we must be too far away to hear the people screaming on the one with the steel cage that gets tossed up in the air with the elastic bands.

Playland looked pretty cool. We headed in there to see what kind of games they had. This fishing one was tough. Didn’t get many tickets from it.

Victoria, of course, found the Temple Run game. She’s pretty good at that one. Racked up some more tickets than at the fishing game.

The Fast and the Furious. Victoria spent quite a bit of money there, running the races. She managed to make it to number #1 at least once.

Then we found an arcade game that had 10 pages of the old 70s and 80s style games like PacMan, DonkeyKong, Galaga, Centipede, and others.

Big Game Hunter Victoria. Not bad. She learns and adjusts. She managed to hit 3 bucks on the Elk hunting by the time she called it quits.

Sunglasses from the T-Shirt Factory. A little big for her face, but those are the ones that she really wanted. We’ll see if she wears them on the beach.

We grabbed some very yummy, very expensive fresh lemonades from Piezano’s then we hit the Candy Kitchen for my fudge. I definitely got more than I should have. But I do love fudge. Especially all the varieties that they have. We wandered a little farther down to introduce Victoria to Fisher’s Popcorn. We got a small box of the orange cheddar to try. And, pretty much devoured it on the spot. So, we may end up coming home with a tin of caramel and a tin of orange cheddar at the end of the week. And, I promised Victoria Boardwalk fries. So we walked back to Thrasher’s and stood in line. We added extra salt but no vinegar. Victoria kept complaining that there wasn’t any ketchup. And, yet, she kept eating the fries. LOL! We headed back to the hotel after that.

Victoria’s had a headache off and on today. By the time we got back from the Boardwalk and the Pier, she was complaining of a headache while laying down. I gave her a juice box to drink and laid a cool wet washcloth on her forehead. Then I headed over to CVS to grab some Children’s Tylenol and a re-fillable ice bag. Between the rest, drink, cool washcloth, and Tylenol, she was back to her normal bouncy self and we went to Dumser’s for dinner.

Lazy start to our vacation. They let me sleep in and then we walked over to Layton’s for brunch. :) Yummy! Victoria knew exactly what she wanted before we got there. Silver dollar pancakes with chocolate chips and bacon. I had to get the Eggs Benedict.

Walked back over to the hotel and got ready to head to the beach. Getting a late start. But it’s our vacation.

And, then we were on the beach….

Sand pie, anyone?

Mom plays with sand toys.

Running back to get the boogie board.

A good run.

Heading back out.


There she goes.

Cool shot.

A little water down the pipes. Time to take a break.

Victorizilla strikes again. Or, there goes the ruins.

Notice the black lips… LOL! Oreo cookie minis for the snack.

Heading to the water.

Victoria is just as happy to let the surf roll her around.

Late in the day. Last dip in the ocean.