I managed to get the photos up on the blog. I’m still trying to get them to link to my ftp site so you can download the full size, non-watermarked version.

Looking to be a better beach day.

There’s a huge pod of dolphins down here. Caught them feeding off the coast, I think. There were several distinct groupings.

With the forecast calling for higher chances of rain and the fact that it looked overcast, we headed down to the Boardwalk.

My feet managed to hold out for us to make it down to the sand sculpture. His work is so impressive.

Then we headed into one of the arcades to play. Victoria hit up her favorites – Temple Run, Flying Birds, and Crossy Road.

She was determined to beat the daily high score, so she scored a bunch of tickets…

The Accuweather forecast was calling for rain in 120 minutes after we finished with lunch. Decided to head up the road to the movie theater in Rehoboth to see Nut Job 2. We got stuck in traffic on the outskirts of Rehoboth and missed the movie time. Rather than continue waiting in traffic, we turned around and headed back to the hotel.

Downpour at the beach, shot from the balcony after we got back.

Beautiful sunset over the bay with the clouds breaking…

Finally! Vacation time! We made it to the beach. Our first day was cooler and overcast. Not the best beach weather but we made it into the water.

She’s looking like a teen…

Our little slice of beach…

Jeff caught some waves…

My tiny sandcastle…

And, along comes the Victori-zilla to knock it down.. :)

Tiny castle doesn’t stand a chance…

Victoria has decided that she really, really likes ribs. So, this year we’re looking for a place that does ribs down here. JR’s House of Ribs was closed when we drove by on the way in. Had to go looking for somewhere else so we tried something new this time. :) Drove down to a place called the 28th Street Pit and Pub. Yummy smoked wings to start. And, Victoria got their ribs. Jeff tried smoked meatloaf and I just had to try chicken pot pie. Really generous portions… ate way too much. But it was goood. :)

Haven’t put these into scrapbook pages yet. Got a lot more good pictures using my Nikon with long lens. Right up until nighfall.

Cloudy and overcast, it drizzled on us for part of the meet..

Starter dive for breaststroke..

Breaststroke with a smile..

Backstroke after her flip turn..

Farther down the lane..


Freestyle with my iPhone…

Victoria and I were on our own for the NorGwyn meet. Jeff couldn’t be there. At least it was happening at our home pool so we knew where everything was. I packed along my Nikon camera and the long lens this time. :) I wasn’t the only parent there wandering around with a DSLR so I was in good company. Still learning the settings but I definitely got better photos this time around (until the sun set and the pool lights came one).

As nervous as she was about swimming butterfly, she did herself proud. She may not have been the fastest in the heat, but her strokes looked good and she improved on her time trials.

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Her first meet was away at Lansdale. Didn’t know what to expect. Brought the Canon Powershot and my iPhone. Not a lot of good photos. I’m not familiar with the settings on the Powershot so I was trying to use the scene settings. And, Victoria’s best event is freestyle which happens after dark under pool lights.

She did really well in freestyle, improved her times from the Time Trials, and got a ribbon for second place in her heat. :)

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Finally getting around to posting the scrapbook layouts for Victoria’s swim season.

First up, time trials…
All of the kids swim all the events: butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle… :)

These were all taken with my iPhone. I didn’t bring any of the big cameras with me.

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The 6th grade did a wonderful job at their Wax Museum. The cafeteria was alive with history. In some cases, it was really hard to hear them with all the noise and echoing. But it was so fun to see how they got into character and how much they knew about them.

Egypt group:

Biblical, Egypt, India groups:

Upper wall – Cave people through India:

Hatshepsut in action:

Hatshepsut in waiting (next to Myra):

Lower wall: end of Egypt group though Trojans

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